Are Protein Bars Ideal for your nutrition plan?

Are Protein Bars Ideal for Your Nutritional Plans? -

Are Protein Bars Ideal for your nutrition plan?

Are Protein Bars Ideal for your nutrition plan?

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked since publishing Police Fit 4 Life is whether protein bars are ideal for nutrition plans and should be included daily to optimize protein.  Before answering I often dive into the main reasons why nutritional supplements have become a multi-billion dollar industry.  It seems that people in their ever growing fascination with quick ways to accomplish things, have provided constant fuel to the ever growing list of protein bars, protein shakes and other nutritional supplements.  Protein bars are a short cut but not really needed in a sound nutritional plan.  Remember that supplements are just that.  They are supplementing something that your body is not getting in its normal nutritional routine.  At FireRod Sports Nutrition we believe in the reduction of nutritional supplements in order for a person to get the ideal amounts of nutrients from their daily diet.  We believe that people do in fact have the time to prepare for and maintain an ideal healthy, eating environment by eating food.  That being said I will provide you with my take on Protein Bars.

First, remember that all Protein Bars are not built equally.  They contain some form of protein along with other ingredients.  A lot of Protein Bars are glorified candy bars that provide a very expensive way to get the protein that one needs in their daily diet.  I recently reviewed every protein bar within an aisle at a local nutritional shop.  I reviewed over twenty different bars.  Here's what I found.  Most bars either had a ton of sugar or a ton of articifical sweetners.  Either way you might want to consider adopting sound nutritional strategies to limit the number of protein bars you consume.  

Second, often you are not fully satisfied when eating these bars.  Too many people consume too many calories daily because the Protein Bars they consume add to their total calories consumed.  The consumption of Protein Bars can dismantle your daily calorie total very easily.  

Finally, there are better ways to get protein daily within your diet.  I recommend that you develop a plan to limit the need in your daily life for Protein Bars.  You will save money by reducing the number of Protein Bars you consume.  You will also reap the benefit of more sound nutrition if you prepare in advance.  We, at FireRod Sports Nutrition, will show you how to prepare sound nutritional snacks and meals to make it less likely that you will want to grab a Protein Bar during the day let alone the expense to keep the habit going on a day in day out basis.  Besides that you will eat foods, real foods, that will taste better than the chaulky, sticky, 'fake' flavors that Protein Bars provide. We will also provide reviews of all the bars and the 'skinny' on them.

We look forward to helping you eat better and get more healthy.  At FireRod Sports Nutrition we believe in helping you build a better you.  

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