Better Fitness, Better Health from Walking Program

Better Fitness Better Health Walking Program by Police Fit 4 Life Author Brian T Deegan -

Better Fitness, Better Health from Walking Program

I am often asked what is better - walking or running.  I immediately ask the person what are they trying to accomplish with their fitness goals.  If the answer is to run a 5K, then obviously the answer to the question for them is running.  If the answer is better health, then the answer is not so clear.  Let's suppose your primary goal is to get more healthy as quick as you can.  Walking may be the best answer.  A person can quickly launch a walking program that gets them moving long enough to benefit both their cardiovascular system and their weight.  And because you can start out walking for a longer distance than you can running, walking might be the single, best form of exercise to jumpstart a fitness program.  

How much should you walk?  If you are beginner aim for a 15 minute walk at a moderate pace - say 2.5 to 3 miles per hour.  If you have exercised before aim for a 30 minute walk at that pace.  If you have exercised regularly for the past 6 months or longer, then aim for a 3 mile walk at about a 3 mph pace.  In fact if you are able to walk six days per week for 3 miles, you are significantly adding to your fitness level.  Walking also has other benefits to consider.  You get quiet moments to yourself, you get to enjoy the outdoors if walking outdoors and you will certainly enjoy newfound energy from the experience. 

Please be sure to get a complete medical examination before beginning this program or any other program to make sure you are healthy enough to begin and participate.  Enjoy and Happy Walking.

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