Gym Bike Workout Rocks - The Fat

I am often asked to name a quick workout that targets fat and is beneficial to your overall health.  People often endlessly do cardio like mice on a wheel.  Although cardio workouts that are very long have some advantages to long distance endurance training, people looking to get into shape or lose fat see no benefit from long, tedious cardio training.  Instead try this workout to feel refreshed.

Needed - Gym Bike or Exercise Bike in Your Home

Here's the workout.  Begin at a modest level for 2 minutes.  Then go up a level of intensity for 1 minute.  After 1 minute - up the intensity for 1 minute again.  Repeat again raising the intensity level for 1 minute.  At this point you have completed five minutes on the bike.  If you can continue - repeat cycle of intensity four times to complete 20 total minutes of training.

This workout is great on your strength days or on your cardio days.  Looking for a program that makes sense and burns fat - try our PoliceFit4Life Program.

*As with any workout program be sure to complete a physical evaluation from a licensed medical provider before beginning this or any program.