Gym Memberships - Are they needed?

I have said all along that gym memberships are beneficial if the person using the membership actually uses the membership.  To get into shape and stay in shape it can be better to get a pull up bar / dip bar.  Dumbbells that provide different weights along with a bench can be necessary as well.  A person can setup their ideal gym at home in a small space.  The cardio components can be done outside or inside.  The key thing to remember is that the majority of people who work out are working out all wrong.  Pull aside the people who have hired personal trainers to guide them, the vast majority of gym goer's are either not working out correctly, have the wrong program for their goals and/or working out too much.  

There is a better way.  PoliceFit4Life is an easy to follow program that provides people with a simple program that works.  And it won't keep you in the gym or your home gym for long periods of time.  It will just give you the best workout of your life.