About the Author - Brian T. Deegan

About the Author: Brian T. Deegan


Mr. Deegan is a former police officer from New Jersey, United States of America.  He started 4most enterprises LLC in 1999 which consisted of Jobs4police.com.  Jobs4police.com is the world's largest police career services company containing police recruitment services and police exam preparation products and services.  Brian is regarded as a police career information subject matter expert and has spoken on the topics of law enforcement recruitment, law enforcement employment and police exam preparation along with motivational speaking around the world. 

He regularly gives presentations to police leaders and police officers regarding the law enforcement hiring process.  He served as a police academy instructor during his time in law enforcement.  Mr. Deegan has his Master's Degree from Seton Hall University in Leadership.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of 4most enterprises LLC which owns Jobs4police.com and Honorinblue.com.  Jobs4police.com continues to be the largest publisher of law enforcement exam books and classes along with books relating to elements of the police employment process.  

Mr. Deegan resides in New Jersey with his wife JoAnn and their three children.  Brian published this book because he has seen the effects of poor fitness, eating habits and lack of exercise on those entering law enforcement, those in law enforcement and those outside of law enforcement who are on the endless search for the best fitness program and eating program.  Police Fit 4 Life provides readers and followers with a simple program for achieving results.  Mr. Deegan has directed the proceeds of this book project to funding scholarships for survivors of police & fire line of duty deaths.  Currently, the Chance Deegan Scholarship Fund, a 501(c)3 organization, has funded the private high school education of several youths.  Named after Brian & JoAnn's son who was born and died on the same day in 2016, the Chance Deegan Scholarship Fund has the goal of becoming the largest source of funding for survivors of police officer and firefighter line of duty deaths.  Together we can make a difference.